2018 Product Catalogs

Rechner Sensors has released their new online catalogs. Check out our updated and new products.
Overview World of Capacitive Sensors Highlights AtEx+IECEx Certified Products
Capacitive Sensors Capacitive Sensors (full catalog) NormLine Sensors (economy line of capacitive sensors) 95-Series (AC/DC built-in timers and relays) 26-Series (hemispherical design ignores massive build-up) EasyMount Sensors (low profile IP68 design) KFS Series (level measurement systems) KXS (high temperature and long sensing distances)
Inductive Sensors Full catalog
Isolating Switching Amplifiers and Power Supplies (N-Series + EGI)
Full catalog

MRS (Hall Effect) Sensors Full catalog
For a full list of our catalogs please visit our catalogs web page here.
Rechner Sensors has thousands of different models of capacitive sensors. If you can't find what you are looking for, please contact us by phone or e-mail and we will be happy to assist you.
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Level Detection of Viscous Products: Chocolate Spread

Rechner Sensors has uniquely capable capacitive sensor products. One of these abilities is to ignore massive amounts of product build-up and still switch reliably every time. Here we present a practical demonstration of our 26-Series sensor ignoring a monstrous amount of highly viscous liquid paste.

The 26-Series level probes include models that are food contact safe, can work at elevated temperatures, have Ex and AtEx rating for areas with risk of dust or gas explosion, and SIP/CIP for pharmaceutical applications.

Learn more about the 26-Series here: 26-Series

Learn more about the BlueTooth sensor here: BlueTooth Sensor

The part shown in the video is:
Part #: KA1403 Description: KAS-80-26/113-A-G1-PTFE-Z02-1-BS-HP Spec Sheet
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iLevel Programmable Level Probes

The KFI-series iLevel capacitive probe is based on Rechner Sensor 3-electrode technology but with some new features. These include integrated electronics in the body of the probe and programmable switching points that can be set anywhere on the active area of the sensor. This means the iLevel has the same great ability to ignore massive build-up of product but in a more compact and customizable sensor. It even keeps the ability to operate at elevated temperatures (392°F/ 200°C).

Whether you are detecting liquids or solids, the iLevel sensor is ideal for replacing old mechanical switches whose moving parts are prone to wear, to seizing, and to material build-up in the seals and bearings. The iLevel sensor has no moving parts, has no place for material to ingress, and is immune to build up of sticky viscous materials like hot melt glue, chocolate sauce, or molasses.

Discrete versions of the new KFI – iLevel probes come with 1 or 2 programmable ON/OFF points for convenient high/low lev…

BlueTooth Capacitive Sensor

Level Control Made Easy is our motto. With that in mind, Rechner Sensors has designed the worlds first capacitive sensor with BlueTooth for industrial automation.

With the provided android app you can remotely monitor your sensor to ensure it is adjusted correctly and that it is functioning properly from a remote location.

Easily check the status of your sensor. The provided android app let's you monitor the ON and OFF switching points, the hysteresis, and the material buildup on the sensor in real time. 

Be able to monitor the sensor from a remote location is also a valuable feature. Especially when the sensor is mounted in a remote location: remote monitoring can save time, staff, and increase safety. When a sensor is mounted at the top of a silo then no climbing needs to take place and safety measures do not need to be employed. If the sensor is in a robotic area, then the equipment does not need to be turned off. Also when workers bypass these safety measures accidents often …

Trades Shows 2018

Rechner Electronics and Rechner Automation will be demonstrating new sensors with new technology at trade shows in 2018.

Our new stainless steel analog level probe (with no moving parts!), our 26-series sensors with AtEx and hygienic design, our capacitive sensors for highly conductive and viscous products (like ketchup and mayonnaise), and our Bluetooth connected sensor will be on display.

See for yourself with our Bluetooth sensor just how easy level sensing can be. With this sensor you can track material buildup on the sensor, view your ON and OFF switching points, your hysteresis, and have piece of mind that the sensor will work every time.


International Powder and Bulk Solids
April 24th to April 26th
Rosemont (Chicago), Illinois


NPE (Plastics Exhibition)
May 7th to May 11th
Orlando, Florida


ADM (Advanced Design and Manufacturing)
November 14th and 15th
Montreal, Canada

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Highlights Catalog 2018

Rechner sensors has published a new catalog highlighting all of the the new and feature sensors bringing to you another year of capacitive sensor innovations.
Click here to view the new catalog. OR click here to view all of our catalogs.

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Rechner's 26-Series Ignores Massive Material Build-up

Rechner Sensors have designed a level control sensor that is specifically suited to handling the difficult task of level control of powders and liquids that have a tendency to build-up or stick to a level switch.

This sensor is ideal for replacing bulky vibro-rods, tuning forks, and paddle switches. With no moving parts and no place for material to build-up, the issue of mechanical failure is eliminated. You will never have to hit this sensor with a hammer!

The design of the 26-Series sensors not only implements a rounded tip at the sensing surface that reduces material build-up on its PTFE casing, but also includes a 3-Dimensional sensing surface inside the casing. Having a 3-Dimensional sensing surface is significant because it drastically increases the active area to greater than the active area of a standard 32mm diameter cylindrical body sensor. These properties allow the sensor to ignore a large volume of material build-up and solve the problem of dealing with compressible powde…