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iLevel Programmable Level Probes

The KFI-series iLevel capacitive probe is based on Rechner Sensor 3-electrode technology but with some new features. These include integrated electronics in the body of the probe and programmable switching points that can be set anywhere on the active area of the sensor. This means the iLevel has the same great ability to ignore massive build-up of product but in a more compact and customizable sensor. It even keeps the ability to operate at elevated temperatures (392°F/ 200°C). iLevel sensor with metal mounting head Whether you are detecting liquids or solids, the iLevel sensor is ideal for replacing old mechanical switches whose moving parts are prone to wear, to seizing, and to material build-up in the seals and bearings. The iLevel sensor has no moving parts, has no place for material to ingress, and is immune to build up of sticky viscous materials like hot melt glue, chocolate sauce, or molasses. Discrete versions of the new KFI – iLevel probes come with 1 or 2 program