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2018 Product Catalogs

Rechner Sensors has released their new online catalogs. Check out our updated and new products. Overview World of Capacitive Sensors Highlights AtEx+IECEx Certified Products   Capacitive Sensors Capacitive Sensors (full catalog) NormLine Sensors (economy line of capacitive sensors) 95-Series (AC/DC built-in timers and relays) 26-Series (hemispherical design ignores massive build-up) EasyMount Sensors (low profile IP68 design) KFS Series (level measurement systems) KXS (high temperature and long sensing distances) Inductive Sensors Full catalog Isolating Switching Amplifiers and Power Supplies (N-Series + EGI) Full catalog MRS (Hall Effect) Sensors Full catalog For a full list of our catalogs please visit our catalogs web page here . Rechner Sensors has thousands of different models of capacitive sensors. If you can't find what you are looking for, please contact us by phone or e-mail and we will be happy to assist you. E-mail

Level Detection of Viscous Products: Chocolate Spread

Rechner Sensors has uniquely capable capacitive sensor products. One of these abilities is to ignore massive amounts of product build-up and still switch reliably every time. Here we present a practical demonstration of our 26-Series sensor ignoring a monstrous amount of highly viscous liquid paste. The 26-Series level probes include models that are food contact safe, can work at elevated temperatures, have Ex and AtEx rating for areas with risk of dust or gas explosion, and SIP/CIP for pharmaceutical applications. Learn more about the 26-Series here: 26-Series Learn more about the BlueTooth sensor here: BlueTooth Sensor The part shown in the video is: Part #: KA1403 Description: KAS-80-26/113-A-G1-PTFE-Z02-1-BS-HP Spec Sheet KA1403 Click  here to subscribe  by e-mail and get updates whenever a new post is added.