BlueTooth Capacitive Sensor

Level Control Made Easy is our motto. With that in mind, Rechner Sensors has designed the worlds first capacitive sensor with BlueTooth for industrial automation.

With the provided android app you can remotely monitor your sensor to ensure it is adjusted correctly and that it is functioning properly from a remote location.

Easily check the status of your sensor. The provided android app let's you monitor the ON and OFF switching points, the hysteresis, and the material buildup on the sensor in real time. 

Be able to monitor the sensor from a remote location is also a valuable feature. Especially when the sensor is mounted in a remote location: remote monitoring can save time, staff, and increase safety. When a sensor is mounted at the top of a silo then no climbing needs to take place and safety measures do not need to be employed. If the sensor is in a robotic area, then the equipment does not need to be turned off. Also when workers bypass these safety measures accidents often happen.

Part #: KA1403
Description: KAS-80-26/113-A-G1-PTFE-Z02-1-BS-HP

Other models with Ex ratings and hygienic design are also available. Contact us for more information.

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