LevelMaster Sensors for Conductive Products

The LevelMaster series of sensor are the ideal solution for conductive liquids and pastes. These sensor can ignore a large build up of conductive products like ketchup, mayonnaise, and brines.

3 LevelMaster models

These sensors use EasyTeach technology and can be programmed for new materials in as little as 4 seconds. Simply immerse the sensor in the product you wish to detect, connect the teach wire to positive voltage until the LED flashes, and disconnect the teach wire to initialize the self-teaching function. For products that create foam, like beers, the sensor can detect the difference between the product itself and the foam on top of the product.

LevelMaster sensors with hygienic design mounting adapters
The Level Master Sensor with hygienic design mounting adapters.

In this video we demonstrate the sensor being programmed with 5 different materials. The materials include ketchup, mayonnaise, honey, beer, and beer foam. The sensor ignores massive buildup of material on the sensing area. The setup procedure is fast, easy, and accurate.

Analog versions of this sensor also exist. They can be used to detect the exact level of small tanks like ink cartridges, or be used to detect the presence of a wide variety of different materials without having to readjust the sensor. The values for each material can be saved into your PLC. This is especially useful in factories that make a variety of different recipes on the same production line, such as a factory that makes different types of mayonnaise or other condiments.

LevelMaster banner with 4 models

For more information on the new updated LevelMaster sensors please click this link and you will be directed to the correct page in the 26-Series catalog.

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