Rechner's 26-Series Ignores Massive Material Build-up

Rechner Sensors have designed a level control sensor that is specifically suited to handling the difficult task of level control of powders and liquids that have a tendency to build-up or stick to a level switch.

This sensor is ideal for replacing bulky vibro-rods, tuning forks, and paddle switches. With no moving parts and no place for material to build-up, the issue of mechanical failure is eliminated. You will never have to hit this sensor with a hammer!

The design of the 26-Series sensors not only implements a rounded tip at the sensing surface that reduces material build-up on its PTFE casing, but also includes a 3-Dimensional sensing surface inside the casing. Having a 3-Dimensional sensing surface is significant because it drastically increases the active area to greater than the active area of a standard 32mm diameter cylindrical body sensor. These properties allow the sensor to ignore a large volume of material build-up and solve the problem of dealing with compressible powders and non-conductive liquids.

Ideally suited for detecting:
  • Materials in both Hazardous and Non-Hazardous environments
  • Powders, including: Flours, non-abrasive Grains, and Pharmaceutical ingredients
  • Liquids, including: Beers, Whiskeys, Liquid Chocolate, White Glue, and non-conductive syrups
  • Industries: Food, Baking, Pharmaceuticals, and Alcohol
Different models include features like:
  • Tri-clamp mounting
  • EHEDG hygenic design certification
  • AtEx rating for areas with a risk of dust or gas explosion
  • CIP/SIP high temperature cleaning
  • High pressure rating to 145 PSI (10 bar)
And all models include “Quattro EMC Protect” electrical protections.

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